Yoga Gypsies is a traveling yoga studio currently located in Des Moines, WA and coming soon to Anacortes, WA as well! We offer one on one and small classroom yoga instruction for beginners through intermediate students. Dawn teaches everything from a gentle standing yoga class to a high energy power flow meant to make you sweat!


Yoga Gypsies also coordinates Summer Yoga Adventures to combine our love of yoga and the outdoors. The Summer 2013 lineup included: Theo Chocolates & Troll Yoga, Amtrak to Vancouver & Park Yoga and Anacortes Kayak Tours & Beach Yoga.


Yoga Gypsies is also available to coordinate events for Yoga Studios or Businesses that would like to provide team building exercises for their employees.

Please feel free to contact Dawn at 360-631-0587 for current class or event availability.


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  1. My first SUP Yoga! I was skeptical when I first heard of it a couple of years ago, but Dawn Jex and Jennifer Denise Cole McFarland are so enthusiastic I had to give it a try. I’m sold! It helps you find stabilizers in your body you didn’t know you had. And you’re on the surface of the water like a water bug.
    Dawn gently coached me out onto the water and explained the fine points of staying on top of the board. Doing yoga on a wobbly surface really does make a person focus! Dawn taught me a simple sequence that introduced me to a new kind of stability. Dipping fingers and toes in the water adds a different dimension to the whole experience, and Savasana listening to birdsong was heaven. I could get addicted. Thanks for setting the whole thing up, Dawn!

    • Kit, Your level of ability and shining your heart on the water was very impressive. You are an amazing, inspiring woman and I’m proud to know you! ~ Dawn

  2. I recently tried SUP yoga with Dawn and I have to tell you it was the most fun, and one of the hardest and most rewarding things I’ve done in a really long time. It’s yoga. On a board. On the lake. So that’s really awesome alone. BUT . . . part of what makes it so great is the one-on-one personal yoga instruction. Most of the time in a yoga class you are using a lot of your visual processing to watch the poses, see the instructor and those around you. With SUP yoga you aren’t watching your instructor, you are listening. It’s almost blind yoga practice and it makes it that much more intense – that much calmer – that much better! I was able to do 2 yoga poses I’ve never been able to do before even on land. If there is even a little part of you that wants to try it – just do it! I promise you will feel amazing afterwards. (And probably want to do it again!)Thank you for the experience Dawn.

    • Sara, You are so welcome! I get so excited when a student is able to accomplish something new for the first time and to have that happen to you on the water – that was so huge! Keep rocking your life, yoga, love and be happy girl! ~ Dawn

  3. Dawn, I love your yoga classes. You are such a great teacher. The kind way you put beginners at ease and how you encourage each one in your class with a gentle nudge and some good humor is so wonderful. I always leave your class feeling happy and energized and I thank you for that.

  4. Dawn, Thank you so much for my first SUP Yoga experience. It was such an amazing day words cannot even describe! The poses on the paddle board were challenging but hardly as difficult as I had convinced myself they would be. There was such peace being out on the water with nature, no phone, e-mail, text, Facebook! A whole new way to UNPLUG! I am so ready to go again and would highly recommend this to everyone. You are wonderful and I am so grateful that you are in my life! I hope the seal is back for next time. He really added to the trip! We really need to name him! Maybe Sup!

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