Our Mission

The mission of Yoga Gypsies is to Inspire and Educate others to Live Simply, Breathe Deeply and Travel Lightly. We do this by walking the walk. We Live Simply by downsizing and having fewer possessions. We strive for little or no debt. We walk or bike instead of using a car. We support small businesses and eat local fresh food. We Breathe Deeply by exercising regularly. We love to ski, hike, bike, walk, SUP, sail, practice yoga, dance and move in any way that causes us to really breathe. We Travel Lightly. We try to use just one bag when we travel. Having less to carry allows for more enjoyment where ever we stay. And we travel all over the world!



Dawn teaching in Costa Rica.


Dawn teaching in Croatia


Playing around in Italy.

We are yogis, explorers, adventurers, wanderers, writers, poets, artists, romantics and lovers who pursue beauty, joy and peace primarily through yoga and travel. We are rainbow dancers, stargazers, wave riders, wind pilots and sky seekers who splash through puddles, jump for joy, hold hands and hug. We love surf boards, skis, bicycles, sails, sunny days and good fresh food.

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